Canada helping battle famine in South Sudan, ready to do more: Trudeau

The government's registrar of NGOs, Deng Tong Kenjok, announced that the new directive would increase fees from $600 to $3,500 for global agencies and from $450 to $500 for local organizations, Reuters reported Thursday. "The Government of South Sudan must stop obstructing humanitarian assistance and ensure the safety and security of all humanitarian aid workers". The aid worker, Peter Alex, was South Sudanese and a Nairobi-based spokeswoman for the World Food Programme.


Google's Android Pay now works with mobile banking apps

The really cool news here is that Google is making a lot of progress with Android Pay . But after failing to gain much traction with it, Google introduced Android Pay in 2015. This could spark their interest to try out Android Pay for the first time and, if all goes well, continue using it in the future. Most tech companies like Samsung, Apple and Google have been trying to push their mobile payment services to users, but widespread adoption is yet to be achieved.