Is Gary Kubiak preparing to resign as head coach of the Broncos?

He also said he wasn't anxious about the pressure of the Denver job, noting he thrived amid high expectations as a player from 1983-91 and then serving on Mike Shanahan's staff from 1995-2005, coaching the Texans from 2006-13. McGill will need to step up his game against the Denver, as they lead 10-0 with just over nine minutes left in the second quarter. When news broke early Sunday morning that Kubiak was "likely stepping down" because of health concerns, it caught most everyone off guard.

Look to the sky for New Year's Eve comet

After that, it will start its return voyage to the end of the solar system. The comet mostly appeared in December, as it appeared on Dec 15 for the first time when it was seen near M75-the star cluster. As EarthSky notes , it'll be hard to see Comet 45P without an extremely dark sky and a good pair of binoculars or a telescope. Comets, earlier seen as harbingers of doom by ancient civilizations, will be frequenting Earth's vicinity more often in 2017 than they did this year.


Megan Fox may be joining DC's Gotham City Sirens as Poison Ivy

Specifically that between her and her fellow Gotham City Siren, Poison Ivy, who she finally shared a passionate kiss with ont he comic book page, in DC Bombshells issue #42. Gotham City Sirens is an American comic book series written by Paul Dini and Guillem March. Harley Quinn was one of the most memorable characters in this year's Suicide Squad, which is why it only makes sense that there are plans to move forward with an all-female, all-villain cast for Gotham City Sirens , featuring ...