Angry Customer Smashes Over $50000 Worth of Product in Apple Store

It's one thing to complain about crappy customer service in the form an angry email or passionate Yelp review. Business Insider counts 12 smashed iPhones, four smashed iMacs, and a smashed MacBook Air. A report via themirror notes it is 'unclear exactly' where the incident took place, with the incident likely happening earlier this week. He is eventually escorted from the store by a security guard who he is later seen grappling with.

California governor backs rules on cow, landfill emissions

The initiative is part of an effort to fight climate change. Super pollutants - like black carbon or methane - are short-lived in the atmosphere, but pack a potent warming punch. The money will help a handful of them buy dairy digesters, which use methane from manure to generate energy that's sold to electrical utilities. Lawmakers approved the measure on the last day of the legislative session after Brown negotiated a compromise with dairy farmers, some environmental groups and the ...


Beware: The contraceptive pill could cause depression

Experts explained that women who took progestin-only pills will double the risk of depression, but for some who took levonorgestrel IUD have a triple risk. Because depression rates decrease as women continue to use birth control over time , women who begin taking the pill later in life experience reduced rates of the condition, and the pill does help some women with mood changes, some in the medical community are quick to dismiss the urgency of the study .