Turkey sees a threat in United States plan against ISIS in Raqqa, Syria

Turkey warned the US on Thursday that relations between the two countries would suffer if Kurdish forces are included in the battle for Raqqa. Much of the foreign policy establishment in Washington were lobbying intensely for more USA skin in the game, which boiled down to a combination of more powerful weapons systems to the moderate Syrian opposition, holding fast and true to the "red line" that he announced on chemical weapons, and creating safe zones or a no-fly zone to protect civilians from being bombarded by Assad's war machine. Their presence is meant to prevent the possibility of Turkish troops and US -backed Kurdish forces attacking each other.

The main Syrian Kurdish force fighting Islamic State militants in northern Syria said Friday that it has enough fighters to take the extremists' de facto capital of Raqqa with the help of the us -led coalition - remarks that reflect a veiled warning to Ankara and also to rival, Turkey-backed opposition forces making headway toward the city.

In the case of Raqqa, the idea is that Syrian forces will do the bulk of the fighting on the ground but Americans will assist them by providing advisers as well as firepower.

Syrian Democratic Forces said they have enough manpower to take Raqqa without the Turkish-backed rebel force, drawing support from locals in villages and towns they have captured from Daesh.

The move is meant to be a temporary deployment to provide artillery and helicopter support to Syrian fighters battling the terrorist organization.

Their positions will be about 20 miles away from IS-controlled areas.

It is not yet clear but the deployment comes as President Donald Trump considers a new plan to defeat IS that was submitted by the Pentagon late last month.

The US is also said to be preparing to send up to 1,000 troops to Kuwait to serve as a reserve force that can deployed to fight IS in Syria and Iraq if necessary. The coalition said it was investigating the incident.

The SDF also said that IS started moving top commanders out of Raqqa, in apparent anticipation of tough confrontation and possibly the city falling out of the IS control.

The Trump administration is signaling its readiness to put "boots on the ground" in Syria and Iraq to defeat the Islamic State and secure a stronger place for the United States in the negotiations on the future of both countries.

"The martyr was shot in the head and the wounded in the neck and hip", he said.

He said his monitor group documented the entry of hundreds of vehicles of the US -led coalition to Syria coming from Iraq and headed toward the countryside of Raqqa.

"Without Mosul from which to recruit, train and plan attacks, and from which to project atrocities into Europe and the US homeland, the coalition has seen ISIS' flow of foreign fighters and external support diminish significantly", the Department said.

In Deir al-Zour, the SDF continued to advance against IS in the countryside of that oil-rich province, capturing four towns there on Friday following intense battles with IS, according to local Qasioun newspaper.

"I'm pretty confident the situation in Manbij, where we are located, is stabilizing", said Votel.

ISIL is on the run in numerous locations, being fought by the Russian-backed Syrian military and rebel groups fighting under the Free Syrian Army banner with Turkish and Jordanian backing.

Over the weekend, a separate force of elite United States army Rangers was also deployed near a town north-west of Raqqa in heavily armoured vehicles, in an attempt to end clashes between SDF fighters and a Turkish-backed rebel force.

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