Fox looks to sci-fi, fantasy this fall; MacFarlane in space

Starring Academy and Emmy Award nominee and Golden Globe victor Angela Bassett (American Horror Story, What's Love Got to Do with It), the series is based on the real-life, high-pressure experiences of emergency response providers who are thrust into heart-stopping situations that are equal parts unpredictable, intense and uplifting.

Chris Pine thankfully injected a little more humor into the rebooted film series from 2009 to 2016, but now Family Guy creator #SethMacfarlane is going where every fan has gone before: he spoofed the whole darn thing.

The Orville will fly its way onto FOX sometime this fall.

This is the second X-Men TV spin-off following FX's Legion, though The Gifted looks to have closer ties to the franchise than its predecessor.

MacFarlane has provided the first cast photo of The Orville via tweet, showing the bridge of the titular ship with front-positioned primary stars in MacFarlane's space skipper Ed Mercer and Adrianne Palicki's first officer Kelly Grayson, both using unsubtle body language to represent the characters' tensions, since they also happen to be a divorced couple. Oh, and the pilot was directed by Jon freakin' Favreau (Iron Man), who's also serving as an executive producer. Thursdays, against CBS' "Big Bang Theory", ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and NBC's "Will & Grace" revival. Today, FOX released the first trailer for their upcoming new series The Orville.

Comedy will get the fantasy and sci-fi touch at Fox with "Ghosted". Fox has been eager to reestablish its medical-drama bona fides since "House" ended its eight-season run in 2012.

In keeping with the current push for vertical integration and multiple revenue streams, all six Fox newbies are in-house properties, meaning the network can cash in on resale to streaming platforms later.

The new lineup includes four new dramas nad two new comedies plus two live musicals: A Christmas Story in December and Rent.

Lucifer will stay put on Mondays on FOX next season, this time leading off an all-new comic book themed night. Their "Scream Queens" was among the shows canceled by Fox. With star Corey Hawkins on Broadway in "Six Degrees of Separation", its return couldn't be considered for fall but its future remains under discussion.

Walden acknowledged that while "it feels bad knowing that "American Idol" is coming back on another network", she said the network and the production company ultimately didn't agree on the particulars of an "Idol" revision. But Fox felt it would be "extremely fraudulent" recycling the show so soon after what was billed as its farewell season, and in light of how sharply its ratings had dropped from its once-stellar No. 1 position.

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