Lead found in 20 percent of baby food samples, report says

What the source of lead might be in the baby food is unclear. Certain amount of lead was also found in cookies like teething biscuits, according to CNN reports.

There is a 20% chance there is lead in food and juice geared toward children.

Although lead, a naturally occurring element, is found in all parts of our environment, there is no safe level of exposure, according to the U.S. Anyway, changed must be applied immediately, since any exposure to lead is risky for children.

Lead can cause problems with attention and behavior, cognitive development, the cardiovascular system and immune system, Bole said.

We also found that the baby food versions of apple and grape juice and of carrots had samples with detectable lead more often than the regular versions. While we evaluated all types of food collected by FDA, we focused on types of baby food because infants are most vulnerable to lead.

EDF also found that more than 1 million children consume more lead than FDA's limit.

The FDA does not name the brands they test, or the stores where the products are bought.

Using a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) database of food samples, EDF reported some pretty worrying numbers, most remarkably in fruit juice samples intended for children.

EDF's report lists several recommendations for the FDA, including updating its current limits and food safety guidelines as well as making absolutely clear that the worldwide standards for fruit juice "are inadequate". The FDA sets limits for lead in food, but the current limits are based on levels that can be reliably measured and are considered achievable after manufacturing processes.

"I certainly would not recommend avoiding entire food groups because of a concern about lead exposure", Bole said. Consequently, pediatricians advocate that children should consume lots of various vegetables and fruits, as these cuts down the risk of a particular food. Researchers could determine how frequently contamination occurred, but not at what levels.

Any child under the age of one does not need fruit juice. As a comparison, the non-baby versions contain significantly less lead.

This type of plot gives a ballpark idea of the percentage of the baby food being sold in the US for certain levels of lead. Around 20 percent of the baby samples contained lead, while only 14 percent of the non-baby food samples had the substance. But experts say it's important to stay vigilant about bigger sources of lead poisoning in kids. Parents should also have their children tested for lead, tell them to wash their hands often - especially before eating and sleeping, clean their toys and feed them healthy snacks such as yogurt, cheese slices and whole grain crackers, World Health Organization advises.

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