Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

"If you stay mad, you stay angry, you're unproductive".

"So if you're using Donald Trump as your basis for your campaign, I don't know if it's working", Behar continued.

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is also a long day for Democrats who dumped a ton of money in a Georgia House of Representatives race that ended late Tuesday night with a handy 11,000 vote win by the Republican who kept a seat the GOP has held for more than 35 years. "But this is something we certainly have to discuss, because it's clear that I think across the board in the Democratic Party, we need new leadership". "It's time for some change". "Personally I think it's time for a new generation of leadership in the party".

"I don't like Trump but I hate the system that he hates and that is enough for me right now", says Ande Wellstone, a Republican turned independent who lives in Southern Illinois, not far from the home town of Hodgkinson. "But I think I'm worth the trouble, quite frankly". "That's the most important part".

Porter and other Democrats ballyhooed their U.S. Senate and gubernatorial nominees in 2014, recruiting a pair of famous Georgia political names and helping them raise millions of dollars to finance credible campaigns. "Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason that Ossoff lost".

She touts supply side economics, going so far as to say during one debate that she does "not support a living wage" - her way of explaining her opposition to a minimum-wage increase. Years later, it was Pelosi, Obama and then-top Senate Democrat Harry Reid.

"We as Democrats have to come to terms with the fact that we lost again", said Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass. "Pelosi is the human embodiment of that". But alone, a strong national political environment doesn't guarantee Democratic control of the House.

Handel notes that many of those people live in Democratic-leaning states like California, New York and MA. One of their ads even features the Bay Area and branded the two Democrats together, putting his photo alongside hers on the Golden Gate Bridge. Those results from votes in Georgia and SC on Tuesday follow two other moral victories - also known as losses - in battles for House seats in Montana in May and Kansas in April.

"We love our police", Trump said to rounding applause. Most were won years ago by Democrats in elections in which the persistent partisan patterns held true. "To come within a hair's breath of winning that seat is nothing short of extraordinary", said House Democratic Caucus Vice Chairwoman Linda Sánchez, D-Calif.

Pelosi said the Democratic base is energised, adding, "We must now put forth our message".

"Look, they demonized Nancy in 2010, they demonized her in 2006".

She benefits from a dearth of younger colleagues tagged as heirs to her leadership, and no up-and-coming Democrat can match her fundraising skills, no matter which figures are used. Last cycle alone, she raised $141.5 million.

As for Karen Handel, she usually strikes some fairly middle-of-road position, whether speaking before my college students or debating with Republican rivals at a trailer park debate. The GOP owned a deeply unpopular war, scores of Americans were getting killed or wounded in Iraq on a daily basis-the country was on the verge of all-out civil war, and corruption scandals from Rep. Tom Delay (R-TX) and Duke Cunningham (R-CA) surely only added to the notion that a change in management was needed in Washington.

"Defeating Republicans in districts that they have traditionally held requires doing something drastically different than establishment Democrats have done before - specifically, running on a bold progressive vision and investing heavily in direct voter contact", said Jim Dean, chair of Democracy for America. Cox, a 47-year-old Realtor and mother of two daughters, co-founded a group this year called "Pave It Blue" focused on backing Ossoff's campaign and other red seats that could be poachable.

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