Texas veteran's dying wish is for you to give him a call

A U.S. Army veteran in hospice care with a terminal illness has one wish that would mean so much to him, but can easily be granted by anyone - he's asking people to text or give him a call.

She chose to post in the Caregivers of Wounded Warriors Facebook group and ask other veterans if they could send Lee text messages or give him a phone call so he'd have someone to talk to. After two hours with no calls or text, Hernandez reportedly said "I guess no one wants to talk to me". He soon was receiving an outpouring of prayers, phone calls and uplifting text messages that Ernestine read to him.

Ever since the veterans group shared his story on Facebook, Hernandez's phone has been inundated with text messages and phone calls. All that can be done for him now is to make him as comfortable as possible, the page says. "They are an excellent support group of wives and ladies who know the struggles of what we go through", Ernestine said.

The 47-year-old, who served over 18 years in the army including a tour in Iraq, has started to lose cognitive and speech ability because of his illness, Ernestine said. The Facebook post has inspired many to reach out to Hernandez and let him know that they are thinking about him. She described him as a "fighter" who has "beaten the odds and his strong will keeps him going". "It really lifts him up". Ernestine Hernandez said the best time to make contact is during the late afternoon or early evening, Central Daylight Time, the Republic reported.

"Thank you, everyone, for your calls and support", Ernestine said.

Ernestine added that sometimes they can't answer the phone, because Lee is in an incredible amount of pain.

Hernandez's wife, Ernestine, turned to the "Caregivers of Wounded Warriors" to help fulfill his wish, after he spent a disappointing afternoon at his Texas home waiting for his phone to ring. Ernestine thanks every single person who has taken a moment to contact Lee, saying that the phone hasn't stopped ringing.