Psyonix Reveals Exclusive Battle-Cars for Switch Version of Rocket League

Regardless of the color, the vehicle features the Super Star boost that leaves behind a trail of stars.

Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!
Rocket League on Switch Will Get Stylish New Battlecars for Mario, Luigi, and Samus

Nintendo Switch Battle-Cars will be available exclusively for Switch owners without additional cost and you can unlock them for bonus style points. The "Mario" and "Luigi" Toppers (hats) can be used on any non-licensed customizable Battle-Car, while the "Super Star" Rocket Boost can be used with the "Mario NSR" and "Luigi NSR" cars.

Watch the Nintendo-exclusive Battle-Cars reveal trailer below. Look, they're cars painted like the Bros.

On Wednesday, Rocket League - the popular soccer with cars video game that's become one of the most popular multiplayer games - announced it was bringing Super Mario and Metroid cars to the game. The two cars are identical except for the color, and the one you get will depend on which team you're on. "The second of the Battle-Cars is called the Samus" Gunship and is based on the hero from the Metroid franchise. If you're on the orange team, you'll get the Mario NSR, and if you're on blue, you'll play with the Luigi NSR. Along with the new vehicles, Rocket League on Nintendo Switch will have exclusive customization items. Samus' Gunship also has two different variations based upon what team color a player chooses, and are styled after different Varia Suits.

Rocket League on Switch will have crossplay with the Xbox One and Steam versions and will launch later this year.