Look What You Made Me Do

The chorus of Taylor swifts new single "Look What You Made Me Do" has the same rhythm as right said fred's 1992 one hit wonder song "Im too sexy".

First off, Taylor slams someone for their "titled stage" and the "All Day" hitmaker had one during his "Saint Pablo" tour in 2016. This is obviously referencing her phone call with Kanye and how she's no longer the girl she used to be before the scandal.

The lyrics of Swift's new song are cutting, with lines like, "I don't like your little games".

Another spat with singer Katy Perry has also been played out in public. "'Cause she's dead", Swift sings.

Go to the website tickets.taylorswift.com to register your Ticketmaster account, where you'll be placed on the wait-list for registration... but there are opportunities to *boost* your standing on the list! It's the most cutting song from Swift to date, even despite her lengthy catalog of bitter ballads and breakup songs. I wonder now if she's throwing it out the window entirely.

So it's not a total surprise that Swift's new song - released Thursday night after days of Internet hype - involves vengeance.

We're sure "Look What You Made Me Do", as with all of Swift's music, will be surrounded by tons of speculation about the song's true meaning, since the singer loves to draw inspiration from her personal life and channel her emotions into her art.

Naturally, Right Said Fred were only too happy with Taylor's use of their song. Since then, it seemed as if the reptile has been part of her newest brand. Taylor's side of the story has always been. they discussed the lyric but she never approved Kanye calling her "bitch" in "Famous."

Anyway, do you guys think new Taylor Swift has a ringback tone?

The star also sings about rising "up from the dead" and tells unnamed enemies that "you'll all get yours".

At the end of the song, Swift says, "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now / Why?" Her later accusations that West is a misogynist appeared to some as a manipulation of the facts, done to present herself as an oft-maligned underdog.