Mets-Astros series in Houston may be moved due to Hurricane Harvey

Most of the city is underwater.

Major League Baseball's Houston Astros were the "home" team Tuesday night against the Texas Rangers.

Astros president Reid Ryan told reporters that the Rangers declined a proposed swap of dates that would have Houston host a series initially scheduled for Arlington in late September. "Living in that area you've got to deal with that". "The Rangers offered to host us this week, but not switch series with us".

The Astros' series against the Texas Rangers will take place at the home of the Tampa Bay Rays Tuesday through Thursday.

As to the idea that they didn't want to inconvenience fans, asking their city to pony up $500 million to replace a perfectly fine stadium which opened in 1994 seems like a bit of an inconvenience as far as we're concerned. "They wanted the six games in their homes".

"Our heart is breaking, we cannot go home, the airports are closed, we felt very helpless", said Jennifer Oakley. The team also had concern about the fans who bought tickets for their September series.

"We were prepared to make the event all about hurricane relief and helping our neighbours", Daniels said (via the Star-Telegram).

Daniels, however, said that the Rangers were not "looking for a competitive advantage". "That's an inaccurate portrayal", Daniels said. Perhaps this Astros-Rangers series shouldn't have been played at all, the integrity of the schedule be damned, or at least delayed out of respect for what's happening in Houston, which is affecting the lives of many team members' families. "We didn't think it was fair to our fans who had bought tickets, 30,000 or so tickets for the last week in September and to give them effectively 24 hours notice that those tickets are no longer good then, they're good tomorrow". The Rangers say they were doing the Astros a favor. The proceeds will used for relief for the victims in the Houston area and South Texas.

Baseball will be played, and Hinch can take some solace in the fact that sports sometimes become a source of comfort for many in trying times, but we just don't know where quite yet.

It's a bad look, one that stands in contrast to efforts by the Astros as well as the NFL, NBA and their Houston teams.

MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association announced today that the parties will jointly donate $1 million to various relief efforts for the damage throughout the state of Texas created by Hurricane Harvey, including to the American Red Cross. His new goal now?