School districts welcome students displaced by Harvey

Houston Superintendent Richard Carranza said 35 of his district's nearly 300 school buildings were flooded or lost power. Only transfers from a school district that notified parents of the need to enroll their child, or children, in another district due to substantial damage as a result of Harvey qualify.

In Calcasieu Parish, where floodwaters prompted the rescue of 500 people in the Lake Charles area, the school district initiated closures Monday.

The Toledo district did not have a complete tally for how much was donated district-wide Friday, but about a dozen schools were running dress-down days where students could donate in order to wear casual clothes, TPS spokesman Patty Mazur said.

One effect is an extension of the "summer slide", a term sociologists use to refer to the knowledge loss kids experience over the summer as they forget some of what they learned in the prior school year.

The district has begun advertising the program more heavily this year with billboards and commercials and has between 40 and 45 students now participating in the program.

Rock Hill School District #3 is ready to help displaced families from Houston who are fleeing the damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

The district announced Wednesday that all HISD students will receive three free meals per day for the 2017-2018 school year as part of the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program.

There is no official word whether Houston families are coming to SC, but if the call comes Rock Hill School District #3 wants to do its part.

More than likely, several schools will have to be temporarily relocated to other locations.

City officials have been working to make sure evacuees know where the closest school is located. We're sitting down with the 10 fastest-growing school districts in B.C. and figuring out how we can deliver more schools, more quickly. While all students are eligible, parents are still asked to register through this website so enough food and funding can be secured. No decisions have been made on which students will be relocated, and to which schools they will be sent.

Additionally, kids whose local public schools are too damaged to open may have to switch to nearby schools. "We are in the planning process right now and right on track for opening in September 2020", Bennett said.

"One of her friends, his house was completely underwater and he had to be rescued", she said.

A school district spokeswoman told STN that the district is still in the process of determining damage to the fleet of school buses.